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On a Bicycle Built for Two

You can tell a lot about a person when you share a tandem bike. Sure, at first, it seems like a fun novelty–hey, look at that! A bicycle built for two. Just like that song, the one that goes….something, something, … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Valentine (With Apologies to Johnny Cash)

My six-year-old has been very, very excited about Valentine’s Day. In fact, she was contemplating naming her new stuffed animal Valentine, but then said “That’s not a real name.” I told her about St. Valentine, and also mentioned I had … Continue reading

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Another Conversation With My Teenager Babysitter (and Daughter)

Disclaimer 1: Teenage Babysitter is a very bright and personable girl. Disclaimer 2: I have an ungodly fear of cockroaches, (also known as water bugs and palmetto bugs). This is probably because I grew up Florida, where the cockroaches are … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Amazon and PG Wodehouse

What ho, old chap! Hail fellow well met and all that. Have you heard? Apparently, the Drone Club is making its mark upon the world. One wouldn’t think our traditional little club in Mayfair would break new ground, but apparently, … Continue reading

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My Kid’s Never Read The Rules

It’s Valentine’s Day, and my daughter is crushing on her fellow line leader, Henry—or, as her father and I like to call him, The Most Interesting Kindergartner in the World. We’ve heard a lot about Henry over the past few weeks. He likes to … Continue reading

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