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Blank Space, Baby

My daughter is a very enthusiastic Brownie. She loves everything about Brownies, including selling cookies. ┬áMost people buy at least one box of cookies from a seven-year-old girl, out of kindness. (Our diabetic building porter tried to shove a fistful … Continue reading

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BFFs, Farms, and American Girl

We went on vacation this week. We feel more tired than when we went. Technically, we’re probably just as tired as before we went, but we’d been packing up the house for a week before our departure. A renovation began … Continue reading

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One Reason I Love My Daughter

Tonight, my six-year-old daughter and I were walking, and ahead of us, two men were holding hands. We’re seen stuff like this many times, and it’s no big deal–this is New York City, after all. (In fact, the members of … Continue reading

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On a Bicycle Built for Two

You can tell a lot about a person when you share a tandem bike. Sure, at first, it seems like a fun novelty–hey, look at that! A bicycle built for two. Just like that song, the one that goes….something, something, … Continue reading

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Bribes Work

So, my evil plan seems to be working. Not the one to control the world. That’s still in the works, although so far, it’s not as smooth as I thought. The giant diamond I need to focus my Extra-Lethal Super-Sized … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Valentine (With Apologies to Johnny Cash)

My six-year-old has been very, very excited about Valentine’s Day. In fact, she was contemplating naming her new stuffed animal Valentine, but then said “That’s not a real name.” I told her about St. Valentine, and also mentioned I had … Continue reading

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A Dear John Letter to Foodtown

Dear Foodtown, It’s over. You and I just weren’t a match. I mean, don’t get me wrong–we’ll probably run into each other now and then. But the crowded aisles, the meager organics section and almost non-existent organic produce just made … Continue reading

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