Blank Space, Baby

My daughter is a very enthusiastic Brownie. She loves everything about Brownies, including selling cookies.  Most people buy at least one box of cookies from a seven-year-old girl, out of kindness. (Our diabetic building porter tried to shove a fistful of cash in her direction in exchange for nothing.)

The exception: Arden’s Uncle Tom. (I know, unfortunate combination.) Tom is known for several things: his exceptional intelligence, his impressive athleticism, his extreme frugality, his general lack of social niceties, his love of crosswords, and his staunch belief that he doesn’t eat sugar, although I’m just going to say that all sweets disappear late at night during his visits.

As an aside: I like Tom, although it may not sound like it from this post.

So, in this case, we were all at Arden’s grandfather’s house; Tom was dozing over a crossword. Arden, however, thought he was pondering the puzzle and said, “Excuse me, Tom? Would you like to buy some delicious Girl Scout cookies?” (I am not making this up. This is actually how she pitches them.)

Tom, startled, opened his eyes and shouted “No!”

Arden will re-enact this at anyone’s request, complete with snoring (which I suspect is an embroidered detail). Also, no cookies were sold that day to Tom…although I’m going to bet that he eats all of Grandpa’s order.

On that note, I leave you with a Daisy and Brownie so cute, even Tom couldn’t say no. (Actually, he could and would, but they are adorable, aren’t they?)

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