Bribes Work

So, my evil plan seems to be working.

Not the one to control the world. That’s still in the works, although so far, it’s not as smooth as I thought. The giant diamond I need to focus my Extra-Lethal Super-Sized Death Ray Laser just does not seem to be coming up on Ebay at an affordable price. (On the plus side though, I did find a darling vintage dress.) Image

No, the plan that’s working is my plot to get my six-year-old daughter to love to read. To clamor for it, even. I suspect that she doesn’t love to read because she had eye tracking/teaming issues that needed to be corrected by vision therapy. She’s had twenty sessions and she’s almost done. In the meantime, she’s jumped more than a grade level in her reading. (Just FYI, “they” suspect up to 25% of people have this condition, but it’s not routinely screened. Because why would you want to help kids having trouble reading? I mean, really. It just builds character to have them tough it out, right?)

But back to my plot…

I decided to offer my daughter $1 for every chapter book she reads. She is, at heart, an entrepreneur and I’ve had to dissuade her numerous times from setting up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk or selling her paintings to people on the playground. She also always has her eye on an American Girl doll, and will flip through the catalog lovingly–the way I imagine Kanye admires himself in the mirror in the morning. I told her that if she read 100 books, she’d have about enough to buy Isabelle, the Overpriced American Girl Doll of 2014. (Limited edition!)

So. She tore through three of the dreaded Rainbow Fairy books, and then picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and announced that would be the next thing she conquered. I told her that it was much harder than the Rainbow Fairy books, and that it was fine if she read it–but there are a lot of big words and she could ask me if she couldn’t figure something out.

She’s been reading it like crazy. I’m not sure if she’ll make it through, but I’m impressed that she’s trying. I told her that, because it’s a much bigger book than the others, I’d give her $5. She told me it was worth at least $10 and argued her point pretty convincingly, but I didn’t back down. (I mean, I may already be bribing her, but I need to stand by my principles, right?) Plus, I may have a lawyer-in-training here, so I need to watch my back in case we get into billable hours or something.

The moral of the story? Bribes work.

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